At Bridgehaven, we are stronger together. We lean on our strong values and principles. We treat each other with respect, we act with integrity, are transparent and tell the truth.

We give the highest priority to compliance with legal requirements and internal regulations. When violations are detected at an early stage, appropriate actions can be taken to prevent or mitigate damage to customers, employees, business partners and the company itself.

You’re protected by law if you report any of the following:

  • a criminal offence, for example fraud
  • someone’s health and safety which is in danger
  • risk or actual damage to the environment
  • a miscarriage of justice
  • the company is breaking the law
  • you believe someone is covering up wrongdoing

If you have information about an act of wrongdoing or violation of rules at Bridgehaven, you can report your concern via the following channels:-

  1. Your manager
  2. Online at [email protected]
  3. By telephone – +44(0)20 3 131 0102
  4. By writing to the Chief Compliance Officer, Bridgehaven Insurance, 70 Gracechurch Street, London EC3V 0HR
  5. The PRA
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone: +44 (0)203 461 8703 during office hours
  • Write to: IAWB (Legal Directorate), Bank of England, Threadneedle Street, London, EC2R 8AH


  1. The FCA
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone: +44 (0)20 7066 9200 between 10am to 3pm, or leave a message
  • Write to: Intelligence Department (Ref PIDA), Financial Conduct Authority, 12 Endeavour Square, London, E20 1JN

Bridgehaven examines all submitted messages and ensures that they remain confidential and that all involved parties are treated equally.

Please be advised that your message can only be investigated if it contains sufficient information. Hence, we ask you to provide as many details as possible. If you do not have access to detailed information, however, this should not prevent you from voicing your concerns. 

When you submit a report, we will confirm receipt of this within 7 days.

It is useful for our investigations team if you provide your name and/or an e-mail address when submitting a report. This enables us to contact you in case we have any follow-up questions. If you would prefer to remain anonymous, however, we will respect your decision and your concern will still be investigated.

Bridgehaven does not tolerate retaliation in any form against anyone who submits a report in good faith. This remains the case even in cases where an investigation does not confirm the allegations made.

The investigation may need to be carried out under terms of strict confidentiality, i.e. by not informing the subject of the complaint until (or if) it becomes necessary to do so. In certain cases however, such as allegations of ill treatment of others, suspension from work may have to be considered immediately.  Protection of others is paramount in all cases.

Where appropriate, the matters raised may:

  • be investigated by management, internal audit, compliance or through the disciplinary/grievance process
  • be referred to the police

The amount of contact between you and the person considering the issues will depend on the nature of the matters raised, the potential difficulties involved and the clarity of your information.  It is likely that you will be interviewed to ensure that your disclosure is fully understood.

Any meeting can be arranged away from your workplace, if you wish, and a friend may accompany you in support.

Bridgehaven will do what it can to minimise any difficulties that you may experience as a result of raising a concern.  For instance, if you are asked to give evidence in criminal or disciplinary proceedings, Bridgehaven will arrange for you to receive appropriate advice and support.

You need to be assured that your disclosure has been properly addressed.  Unless there are any legal reasons why this cannot be done, you will be kept informed of the progress and outcome of any investigation.